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HowRebol in Linux ? to Start

with linux 12.04 flavor of Ubuntu. I try ./rebol and get:
** User Error: Bad face in screen pane!
** Near: size-text self
How do I start the console?

posted by:   Lee Gold       10-Dec-2013/15:42:06-8:00

Sorry about the title.

posted by:   Lee Gold       10-Dec-2013/15:42:58-8:00

If you're trying Rebol/View, you can try:
rebol -iv
The options are explained if you run as:
rebol -?

posted by:   Chris       10-Dec-2013/15:54:47-8:00

Have you used these?

posted by:   Nick       10-Dec-2013/17:42:14-8:00


posted by:   Oscar       12-Dec-2013/2:48:41-8:00

You have to install these two fonts:
Then it should work.

posted by:   john       16-Jan-2014/18:37:39-8:00

I use this, in the user.r file think it was written by Cyphre:
set-default-font: func [
     "sets default font for /View"
     font-blk [block! word!] "block of font attributes"
     system/standard/face/font: make system/standard/face/font font-blk
     system/view/vid/vid-face/font: make system/view/vid/vid-face/font font-blk
     foreach [w s] system/view/vid/vid-styles [s/font: make s/font font-blk]
set-default-font [
     name: "DejaVu Sans" ;"tahoma"
     style: none
     size: 12
     color: brown
     offset: 2x2
     space: 0x0
     align: 'left
     valign: 'center
     shadow: none
and then paste the set-default-font block at the top of your script for script specific font

posted by:   IJK       2-Feb-2014/18:22:02-8:00