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ActiveX dll

I see Rebol has a philosophy of simplifying things. Has it ever been able to call an ActiveX dll? I have a proprietary Windows program with a user interface consisting of an ActiveX dll. I can to some extent make it work by calling it from Visual Basic for Applications, but have not been able to understand how to call it from anything else.

posted by:   John Sampson       25-Jan-2014/6:47:38-8:00

Hi John.
Rebolers tend to stay away from platform specific solutions like ActiveX, but there is a COMLib.r library by Anton Rolls (originally by Benjamin Maggi), which allows interfacing with Windows ActiveX/COM. It's no longer available at its original URL http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/os/windows/COMLib/ , so I uploaded a copy here:
Ashley Trutor wrote an example which creates requestor dialogues using COMLib.r (I included it in the zip file above):
Have you considered just recreating the user interface with Rebol? That's most likely how Rebol could potentially simplify things for you.

posted by:   Nick       25-Jan-2014/9:45:07-8:00

Many thanks for this - I will investigate to see if I can make head or tail of it. I think on a brief look that there are aome typos in the code. Recreating the user interface would not be an option for me as the program is closed-source. It would be easier to write stand-alone programs to manipulate the data independently. I like your description of ActiveX as a solution!

posted by:   John Sampson       27-Jan-2014/6:44:58-8:00

What does the program do?

posted by:   Nick       27-Jan-2014/7:59:15-8:00

And do you have some screen shots?

posted by:   Nick       27-Jan-2014/8:05:32-8:00

The program I am referring to is used to make back-of-book indexes. The user interface part of it is an 'ActiveX DLL' -
see http://www.sky-software.com/developer/

posted by:   John Sampson       28-Jan-2014/15:55:19-8:00