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RSS Feed Added

I added an RSS feed for this forum at http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=rss

posted by:   Nick     21-May-2010/12:34:18-7:00

Great! Thanks a lot!

posted by:   Endo     21-May-2010/17:15:01-7:00

Will you consider adding a to the forum html source, so that a reader would see themselves that a feed is present, instead of learning about it from a thread that will soon be buried? Thanks! :)

posted by:   hK     7-Jun-2010/11:32:56-7:00

Sorry, I meant a link tag, but it got stripped.

posted by:   hK     7-Jun-2010/11:40:19-7:00

There is a link at the bottom of the home page. Maybe I should include all those links at the bottom of each topic display too ...

posted by:   Nick     7-Jun-2010/12:22:05-7:00

I meant in the head of the html source. Browsers then indicate in the address field with the orange icon that a RSS or Atom feed is present.

posted by:   hK     10-Jun-2010/8:52:50-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2010/11:32:45-7:00