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R3 layout function

can some one tell me when this will be fixed?
I was tying to find more info on the 'layout function

posted by:   Ron       19-Jan-2014/11:21:31-8:00

Everything in Rebol is self documenting. You can get the source of the 'layout function in the console:
     source layout
You'll see, for example, that in the 'layout source, the 'make-window-layout function is used:
     source make-window-layout
You'll see in the 'make-window-layout source, for example, that the 'guie object is referenced:
     ? guie
You can explore any of the properties of that object using path notation:
     ? guie/styles/text-list
     ? guie/styles/text-list/facets
The 'system object also has some paths you should get to know:
     ? system/view/event-types
If you need more of a tutorial about the basics of how functions, objects, the console, built in help, etc. work in Rebol, I cover all those basics in my tutorial texts. The one below is a basic practical overview for R3:
Beyond that, if you want some more specific overview tutorials about R3-GUI, see:
At the link above you'll find specific tutorials about Getting Started, Faces, Layouts, Resizing, Actors, and Styles. Once you've read http://learnrebol.com , you'll probably want to continue with the docs above, to get into the next level of understanding. I made a copy of those docs here, just in case their site goes down:
If you want more low level documentation examples about R3-GUI, see:
     (especially the documentation/r3/r3-gui folder)
The examples at the links above cover a lot of practical USE details. If you really want a low level understanding of how R3-GUI WORKS, look at the source:
The 'layout function is particularly deep - it's the function that implements the R3-GUI dialect. The R3-GUI implements a simple user DSL for creating GUIs, but under the hood, there's a lot of complex functions, objects, etc., making the magic happen. Learning how to USE the 'layout function is relatively simple - that's basically about learning how to use the R3-GUI dialect. The best way to do that is to read and experiment with all the tutorial examples at the link above, in the order suggested. If you want a lower level understanding of how it's actually defined, and how it WORKS at a lower level, then the source is the best documentation. Together with the 'help and 'source functions, the github links will get you as deep as you want to go (if you want to move beyond using, and work on developing R3-GUI).
I hope that helps.

posted by:   Nick       19-Jan-2014/11:50:34-8:00

Hi Nick,
just wondering if it would not be better create a permanent sticky entry on your rebol forum site , with grouping all the documentation links? a permanment one stop shop for all people who come in. that would be very useful for new users.
you seem to have been in the community for a very long time to know about all those old docs and their locations.

posted by:   HelloHello       19-Jan-2014/14:08:40-8:00

Good idea :) In my longer tutorials, I've included links to additional documentation materials for each topic (scattered documents that were all helpful to me). And of course the tutorial texts attempt to explain and consolidate useful code in context. The situation for R3 isn't nearly as mature yet, but having it here certainly wouldn't hurt anyone :)

posted by:   Nick       19-Jan-2014/17:42:29-8:00

Thanks Nick. that's a lot of useful docs you have in the new sticky for rebol docs.
that's going to be very useful to newcomers.

posted by:   HelloHello       24-Jan-2014/23:17:59-8:00