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Why can't I hide input with 'ask/hide'?

I use Saphir R3, and cannot mask the input with "ask/hide". There is a script error: "input has no refinement called hide". This is weird because "/hide" should be legitmate for "ask", at least it is written as such in the function's description. Has anyone ever had the same problem? or I just made a grammar mistake?

posted by:   Rex       5-Jan-2014/6:47:03-8:00

The /hide refinement hasn't been implemented yet in R3.

posted by:   Nick       5-Jan-2014/20:56:40-8:00

In my build of R3, the hide refinement for the ask function is defined, but is not yet supported by the function -- input.
Type "source ask" to see the code.

posted by:   David den Haring       6-Jan-2014/17:14:59-8:00

Got it, thanks :-) By the way, is there any other refinements that are not yet implemented?

posted by:   Rex       6-Jan-2014/20:12:52-8:00

I just remembered randomly seeing that one in the recent past. You may want to check out http://www.codeconscious.com/rebol/r2-to-r3.html for a nice list of differences between R2 and R3. I covered some differences between basic R2 VID and R3-GUI at http://business-programming.com/business_programming.html#section-18.3

posted by:   Nick       7-Jan-2014/9:26:56-8:00

I created a new post (R2 and R3 differences)

posted by:   Nick       7-Jan-2014/11:01:12-8:00

Thanks, Nick. Although I cannot understand some of the topics there (http://www.codeconscious.com/rebol/r2-to-r3.html),I find it a great reference :-)

posted by:   Rex       7-Jan-2014/20:01:07-8:00

A quick solution is to use a GUI field widget with the 'hide property set to true:
guie/styles/field/facets/hide-input: true
view [field]

posted by:   Nick       12-Jan-2014/13:03:59-8:00

Or better, create your own 'password widget:
stylize [
     password: field [
         facets: [hide-input: true]
view [

posted by:   Nick       12-Jan-2014/14:05:18-8:00

For example:
do %r3-gui.r3
stylize [password: field [facets: [hide-input: true]]]
view [
     p: password
     button "Save" on-action [
         write %pass x: get-face p
         alert join "Saved: " x
view [
     text "Here's what was written to the 'pass.txt' file:"
     area (read/string %pass)

posted by:   Nick       13-Jan-2014/11:39:49-8:00

Hi, is the R3 download on the Saphirion website always the latest available build?

posted by:   Arie       14-Jan-2014/13:29:11-8:00

Yes, for Saphir build, and there should be some new releases in the next few weeks.

posted by:   Nick       14-Jan-2014/14:43:24-8:00