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Decode captcha?

Is Rebol suitable to reverse capcha images such as the one in https://copy.com/OWwh7lElLIBN ?
What steps are involved? Pass it through an OCR engine? (I'm using Linux). Are there any libraries in Rebol for this?
I need to get some info from a website for thousands of records which is not very nice to do by hand.

posted by:   Luis       9-Jan-2014/17:27:40-8:00

You probably won't find a lot of help trying to break other people's security measures. That said, it's easy enough to Google how to do what you want. Take a look at the Tesseract OCR engine:
There's a tutorial about how to do want you want, in Python, at:

posted by:   Nick       9-Jan-2014/21:48:47-8:00