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Is Rebol 3 still in active development?

Is R3 still in development?
Where to see the source code, and
where to follow the development
Also, where to find list of feature
like will R3 support concurrency, how?
etc ...

posted by:   Ali       2-Jan-2014/19:16:37-8:00

Yes it is. Please take a look at:
You can influence the direction Saphirion takes with their port of R3 by donating to a specific area of development (or you can work on the project too - it's on github). Cyphre and Robert are both active on AltME (still the main place where rebolers talk).    
I think the greatest potential right now lies in getting R3 saphir and R3-GUI ported to JavaScript, so that rebol can run in any modern browser. It sounds like once the Mac and Linux versions get brought up to speed, Cyphre may be able to get that done. But he'll need funding to put in the large amount of time such a project will require. Right now I appear to be the only one willing to do that...

posted by:   Nick       2-Jan-2014/22:07:34-8:00

It's also important to keep up with Red. Doc has never stopped actively working on it. This year Red should get all the goodies to surpass the feature set in R3. It looks like very soon Red will be the most capable tool in the Rebol language family. If you're interested in seeing that happen, Doc can also make good use of donations to continue his work.

posted by:   Nick       3-Jan-2014/8:25:34-8:00


posted by:   Nick       3-Jan-2014/8:27:31-8:00

Nick, thanks for the reminder and your enthusiasm!
It made me send eu100 and this note to Doc (I had been thinking about it for a while):
I've learned programming in 1969 (IBM 360 Assembler) and have been playing around with lots of languages as well as hardware ever since.
I keep watching joyfully and in admiration how you not only plan (Red) but also deliver. In addition to that the bandwidth of your knowledge and your openness about what you do seems pretty unique.
Bootstraping Red in Red, simplicity of compiling to various CPU's, interpreting etc.! AMAZING!
(Plus having the trust to undertake this -more than full time job- basing it purely on donations). Like I say - amazing.
I am looking forward to the day when I can run Cheyenne on Red ... :-)

posted by:   ralfw       3-Jan-2014/20:38:39-8:00

That's great to hear - thank you!

posted by:   Nick       5-Jan-2014/22:04:36-8:00