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Joe Cherian asked me about creating a presentation slide-making app. Here's the first release:
There are some cool ideas to work on to make this a really practical little app for people who do a lot of presenting.
The basic idea, from the help/instructions:
Slidery allows you to create full screen slide presentations quickly and easily. Entire presentations are written as essays, using simple markup characters to indicate which elements are displayed in the presentation. This encourages presenters to think about slide content naturally, as opposed to focusing on the mechanics of laying out page displays. With Slidery, you create each full presentation within a single text file, and that text file can be used for both printed handouts and as the slide presentation source.
In printed handouts, viewers are able to see which bullet phrases were selected, within the context of the full presentation content. This allows the audience to more easily understand what each bullet means. Often in presentations, bullet points are so cryptic that handouts don't serve any useful purpose... or they force the listener to furiously scribble notes, instead of understanding and processing the information being presented.    
Slidery provides a simple solution to those common problems, for both audience and presenter.
Slidery can include images and even entire executable programs in a presentation. This allows you to create features which are difficult to complete in other presentation systems. The potential capabilities of this option are limited only by your needs and creative abilities. You could, for example, include bar charts which display live data collected from a web survey. Or you could include formulas with computations performed live, using slider controls or other widgets. You could include spreadsheet calculations performed from files read live during a presentation, etc. The code used to build powerful little apps is simple to learn.
Slidery runs instantly, without installation, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, as well as on many legacy platforms. The entire system is about 1/2 meg (small enough even to email every OS version as a tiny attachment), so you can be sure your presentation will run anywhere there is a computer.

posted by:   Nick       21-Dec-2013/17:16:24-8:00

I added it to rebol.org and sourceforge:

posted by:   Nick       21-Dec-2013/21:41:37-8:00

Updated today to 0.1.5 - LOTS of new features:
draw annotations on slides, and save to image file
sub-bullets and improved automatic bleed-over to new slides
More layout options

posted by:   Nick       22-Dec-2013/15:26:23-8:00

One more update to 0.1.6

posted by:   Nick       22-Dec-2013/15:43:58-8:00

Video: http://youtu.be/R9LpFsnMc2w

posted by:   Nick       22-Dec-2013/20:59:09-8:00

Carl did this, and I believe used the program for a presentation at the REBOL DevCon 2007. In the recent past, I found that program and downloaded it to my own computer, along with his presentations, but now I CAN'T REMEMBER where I found it. The program on my computer is called slideshow.r
The way it appears to work is that you code a presentation in a text file in a format that looks a lot like the "makedoc" format, then run it through the slideshow.r program, and it makes the presentation. The arrow keys move through the slides.    
I am looking around the internet again for the program because it irritates me that I have forgotten. I could email my copy to anyone who wants it, along with the DevCon 2007 presentations. That's one nice thing about REBOL, small programs.

posted by:   Steven White       26-Dec-2013/11:13:34-8:00

I wrote about Carl's script here:
Slidery is made to be much more configurable by users (this is is a user app - no coding needed), and has a bunch more features such as automatic bleeding onto new slides, downloadable presentations, etc.

posted by:   Nick       26-Dec-2013/14:15:15-8:00

I added a new version 1.2.6.

posted by:   Nick       26-Dec-2013/14:15:44-8:00

HA! I bet your site is where I found it.
How bad is that?

posted by:   Steven White       26-Dec-2013/15:42:06-8:00