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Captcha Changes

I removed the captcha routines from the home page, and added them only to the form submission routines. Is this better?

posted by:   Nick     8-Jun-2010/17:09:37-7:00

Yes, looks very nice.

posted by:   Henrik     8-Jun-2010/17:20:59-7:00

Now we should write it each time we post a message. But not a problem if this is safeier.

posted by:   Endo     9-Jun-2010/3:12:11-7:00

Graham is just naturally negative. :-) This is one of the quiet periods. Based on past experiences, we'll soon see some motion again.

posted by:   Henrik     9-Jun-2010/3:20:08-7:00

My last captcha was "user-pass-check" don't you think it is a little bit long? :) how about
     copy/part head captcha 8 ;or 10
I know I'm lazy.

posted by:   Endo     9-Jun-2010/3:33:50-7:00

Good change. I like it.

posted by:   Steve Oldner     9-Jun-2010/11:43:17-7:00

My Graham comment: That's interesting. I'm fairly sure I posted that comment in a different thread.

posted by:   Henrik     9-Jun-2010/11:45:19-7:00

@Henrik: I guess there is a problem about topic numbers, because when I click a link from my RSS reader it sometimes go to wrong topic.

posted by:   Endo     9-Jun-2010/11:49:33-7:00

Endo, I've been periodically adjusting and messing with the RSS results - just finished today. Also, I do need to come up with a permalink system - right now, the links do change over time because the topics are actually rearranged in the database. Next on my todo list...
Henrik, I pretty sure that response was simply entered in the wrong topic. I'll keep an eye out for anything like that happening again.

posted by:   Nick     9-Jun-2010/13:25:06-7:00

@Nick: you could simply add a log file which stores all actions to track these kind of problems.

posted by:   Endo     9-Jun-2010/16:41:44-7:00