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Why I have no access to Saphir's website?

I am now learning the Saphir R3 GUI. I find this language highly productive, and one can build a full-fledged software with just a few lines of code.
Yet during the process of learning I have accummulated a lot of questions, and wish to find the manual of the GUI dialect. But I cannot get access to those webpages, and it says "
an error occurred while processing this directive" . I am wondering why and whether the website is currently down ?

posted by:   Rex       26-Nov-2013/7:23:34-8:00

They've had an issue with their web server, and are working to get it back online. Here's a copy of the main R3-GUI docs (these are dated 2-25-2013, but should give you most of what you need):
And although not specifically Saphirion's R3-GUI, you may want to check out http://www.r3gui.com too.

posted by:   Nick       26-Nov-2013/9:19:22-8:00

Thanks, Nick! That's exactly what I need. By the way, your tutorial is great! It is arranged very well and easy to follow. I can almost always find what I need in it. Thanks again!

posted by:   Rex       26-Nov-2013/22:47:05-8:00