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A reality check for REBOL

Hi folks,
I am a sort of advanced user of windows (if there is such a thing), but I am not fond of spending more than 30 daya on learning to program.
However, I do need to program something that reads movement on a web based chessboard (actually a flash based chessboard) and passes the board movements to my chess engine in another program in my computer: arena or fritz, and then reads the moves in my engine GUI and paste it into the flash chessboard.
Is this feasible with REBOL? Do you folsk think that i could write this with in 30 days or less?
I do understand most of programming concepts, I am just not fond of spending half of my lifetime writing code.
Thanks for your kind advice.

posted by:   Miguel       13-Nov-2013/2:48:08-8:00

How is data read from and written to each of the chess programs - what data format and mechanism allows you transfer the board movements between the flash app and your desktop program? i.e., is there a restful interface to the Flash app, is there a database that stores the moves, can you download a CSV file, etc? Does the desktop app use the same format, or something totally different, does it connect to a database, read a file containing moves, etc.?

posted by:   Nick       13-Nov-2013/21:46:31-8:00

In any case, Rebol can handle all those sorts of scenarios.

posted by:   Nick       15-Nov-2013/18:11:28-8:00

I looked up Arena and it supports "UCI" and "Winboard" protocols. I took a quick look at UCI protocol: http://wbec-ridderkerk.nl/html/UCIProtocol.html and "all communication is done via standard input and output with text commands". Should be easily scripted with Rebol. What web based flash program are you using?

posted by:   Nick       18-Nov-2013/12:20:30-8:00

BTW, you may be interested in checking out the pure Rebol Chess GUI written by Arnold van Hofwegen http://re-bol.com/cbh.zip (also at http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=cbh.r). It may be an option to adjust that program to do your GUI stuff - it runs on any OS supported by R2.

posted by:   Nick       18-Nov-2013/12:36:20-8:00