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R3 Android is progressing

Robert posted this in AltME today:
Update: We were working on a set of Android-specific support functions which will be used in the Android compositor code. Once this is finished we should have identical graphics on Android as on Windows.
Now we can add first version of "event-handler" for Android and design a more abstract interface for text / font handling, this is needed so we can render native/custom text on each platform easier.
The first version of the Android graphics compositor with a demo should be done and released next week.

posted by:   Nick       5-Apr-2013/12:03:53-7:00

Here is a screenshot:

posted by:   Henrik       11-Apr-2013/4:56:21-7:00

First working version with graphics:
Current features:
- AGG based compositor
- Basic windowing support
- Working DRAW dialect
- Very basic input event handling (DOWN, UP, MOVE, CLOSE events)
- "Menu" button now sends "escape" to the interpreter so loops etc. can be easily interrupted
- "Back" button closes opened windows, if no window is open it quits interpreter
- Embedded simple "demo game", just type DEMO in the console and have fun
Note this release is very early alpha so expect unstable situations or even crashes.

posted by:   Nick       13-Apr-2013/10:38:34-7:00

Here is a screenshot with the R3 GUI:
There are some performance issues with AGG, due to it requiring FP operations on non-FP hardware, which many Android phones are. It needs to be decided how to work this out.

posted by:   Henrik       14-Apr-2013/13:45:51-7:00

You can provide some useful feedback and help test it by typing this in the console:
do http://cyphre.mysteria.cz/tests/dt-01.r

posted by:   Nick       18-Apr-2013/10:57:40-7:00

Screenshot of text added:
Progress :)

posted by:   Nick       22-Apr-2013/5:08:31-7:00

New Android release is available at:
-enable CTO and OTC functions
-fix window offset
-fix image! / loaders pixelformat color order
-fixed close button action (RL_Init failed?)
-improved WAIT
-added clipping(slow atm but works)
-added RESIZE/ROTATE events
-improved JNI calls synchronization
-added native keyboard input
-updated built-in R3-GUI version
You can type DEMO in the console to show simple "UI menu" with scripts to try.

posted by:   Nick       6-May-2013/14:14:55-7:00

This was posted by Pekr in AltME:
Cyphre's Android Source
Well, enough of droiding for today, that's simply
beyond my possibilities, unless I would start with simple Hello World and continue afterwards. However, did some quick hacking. So, for those, who would like to look into Cyphre's .apk sources, here's hows:
1) download Saphirion's R3 .apk file
2) rename to .zip
3) enter the archive, extract classes.dex (it is Dalvik's bytecode, where Dalvik is JAVA VM for Android).
4) download dex2jar - http://code.google.com/p/dex2jar/downloads/list
5) convert classes.dex to classes.jar by: dex2jar.bat (or sh under linux) classes.dex. It will create classes_dex2jar.jar
6) rename it to classes_dex2jar.zip, enter the archive (I use Total Commander)
7) extract all .class files from /com/example/rebolTest subdir
8) download .class decompiler - jd-gui and use it to look into sources: http://java.decompiler.free.fr/?q=jdgui
well ... or wait for Cyphre to release the sources, for me it was nice few hours becoming familiar with the low-level Android world :-)

posted by:   Nick       21-May-2013/22:32:58-7:00

An editor for R3 is available at https://github.com/angerangel/r3bazaar/blob/master/builds/windows/editor.r

posted by:   Nick       21-May-2013/22:34:44-7:00

New builds of Saphirion's R3-GUI are available at http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds
Sources are hosted at https://github.com/saphirion/r3-gui

posted by:   Nick       20-Jul-2013/21:09:22-7:00

looking at the github it seems like theres little progress there, but perhaps hes not got around to updating it in 4 months. is there any serious updates to had for nov/dec 2013 that you know of

posted by:   any updates ?       4-Nov-2013/7:17:23-8:00

So far, Saphirion published to github only after several releases. Robert responded today that they've made progress since the last release, but they're working on a commercial project that currently takes priority.

posted by:   Nick       4-Nov-2013/13:50:54-8:00

I received a response from Cyphre too. Here are some relevant parts:
"yes, Saphirion is working on R3...we have integrated quite a lot core bugfixes into our company source branch so according to Ladislav's test-suite the Saphir is now most advanced fork with only 4 hard crashes from all the 5000 tests or so.
We have also created full 64-bit version of Saphir for Linux(in cooperation with Atronix) and also for Windows. These versions are still 'experimental' but work quite well according to our tests.
The next plans are to finish graphics on Linux port. I estimate this could be done during this month.
[...] the plan to have the Linux graphics done [was temporarily] delayed. But things are moving forward again finally.
[...] We are still investigating the best way how to manage our company repository vs. the public github Saphir repo. That's why it looks there is no progress from the public POV. I need to spend couple days on some non-R3 project this week, but once this is complete I'm going to work on the Gihub update with Ladislav so all our efforts are shared in the public github repo as well.
[...] I believe you'll enjoy the upcoming updates. Also I still plan to try introduce also OSX port with graphics by the end of this year so the Saphirion plan to bring R3 on all mainstream platform in one year from R3 open sourcing should still hold. If things go well we'll have Saphir on Windows,Linux, Android and OSX from 2014"
Things may change, but that's what he's expecting right now, for the near future.

posted by:   Nick       5-Nov-2013/21:19:13-8:00

that sounds very good and solid progress,thanks for the update

posted by:   any updates       7-Nov-2013/3:03:52-8:00