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where are we right now with rebol3 ?

Carl released his code in nov 2012, it's been almost a year now, can we know what has been done since then to rebol ? apart from a gui (which has been wip for over 2 years by saphiiron) , and a rebol conference, there's hardly any progress.
I don't see any milestone nor any roadmap of what is being done?    
It looks like we are still in the same situation as before. Red seems to be progressing better, at least Doc lets you know what is coming and what is being done and is actually releasing something regularly.

posted by:   Mr Bean     14-Oct-2013/16:35:43-7:00

I've been very happy to see so much done with R3 in less than a year. R3 for Android was a priority (and a lot of work for Cyphre), and that port has been very useful so far. As far as I've heard, the Saphirion guys are now working with David den Haring to bring the Linux port up to speed for Atronix's needs. Cyphre's also mentioned that he's looking into doing an iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad etc) port.
You can donate to Saphirion to help guide their work towards goals that you'd like to see accomplished:
Remember, Cyphre is doing most of that work himself, so there's limited time. You can take part in development (the source is open now), or pay others to help bring improvements that you want or need. From my experience, Cyphre responds well when donations fund his work in specific areas. He's available on AltME.
AltME really is still the place to be if you'd like to chat with guys who are working in the background.
There have been lots of useful improvements by Graham Chiu during the past year. Be sure to see his protocols on Github:
Searching for Rebol on github is a great way to keep up. More of the community seems to be using it. Bookmark these too, if you'd like to see what others are doing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rebol/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/rebol http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol-and-red
Marco Antoniazzi has done some cool work porting R2 VID to R3 recently (it's definitely a work in progress, but a very nice start):
Doc is fantastic as releasing regular improvements, and he's laser focused on Red - it's his current life's work, but he needs more financial support from the community. If you like what he's doing, please help him to continue:
I'm matching donations to him, up to a total of $500, until November 4, 2013.

posted by:   Nick     14-Oct-2013/21:49:24-7:00

PS, check out my new R3 tutorial at http://learnrebol.com .

posted by:   Nick     14-Oct-2013/21:50:29-7:00

Also, be aware that many useful projects for R3 have been sitting around relatively unknown and unused for several years, since even before the open source release. The last couple days, discussions on AltME reminded me of http://github.com/gurzgri/r3-odbc , http://www.dobeash.com/rebsm.html , and http://github.com/moliad. I'm going to try and document as many projects like this as possible in the tutorial.    
My perception has been that many of even the most active users in the community kept with R2 because R3-GUI hadn't been completed, or documented enough to seem useful yet. It took me until just the last 2 months to really begin realizing how useful and ready for production it currently is (my motivation was Android use). As more users begin to feel comfortable using it, I expect to see more contributions. Traffic to my Rebol sites has tripled in recent months, and it's clear that others are discovering it. It takes a while for projects like this to gain speed, but I've been encouraged so far. For me, having R3 on Android has been tremendously motivating - others need to see that their needs can be satisfied by R3, and then they need the time to delve in, get up to speed, learn the differences in parse, GUI, and other basics, etc.

posted by:   Nick     15-Oct-2013/7:15:19-7:00

Take a look at this video about Red:

posted by:   Nick     16-Oct-2013/5:26:43-7:00