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What exactly is 'do-events' for?

I have written a few REBOL2 applications using VIEW, with success. I usually make a main window, with buttons that do things including sometimes viewing other windows. It all seems to work fine.
When I look at sample programs, on rebol.org for example, I sometimes see programs that display a window and then "do-events." I don't understand what "do-events" does for me since my programs seem to work fine without it.
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White       15-Oct-2013/10:19:13-7:00

It's usually used together with view/new, in cases where you need the GUI layout to exist before showing it, usually to perform some calculation before the event loop begins (before the system starts watching for user events). Do-events just starts the event loop (so you can also use it to restart a GUI that's stopped do to an error).
In this example, I wanted the cards to be arranged before the GUI layout is shown. In order to do that, the GUI needs to exist, so I used view/new, then ran the arrange-cards functions, then do-events:
R E B O L [title: "Playing Card Framework - Freecell"]
flash "Downloading card images..."
do load-thru http://www.re-bol.com/playing-cards.r
random/seed now
loop 156 [
     pos1: pick cards rnd1: (random 52) * 5
     pos2: pick cards rnd2: (random 52) * 5
     poke cards rnd1 pos2
     poke cards rnd2 pos1
movestyle: [
     engage: func [face action event] [
         if action = 'down [
             start-coord: face/offset
             face/data: event/offset
             remove find face/parent-face/pane face
             append face/parent-face/pane face
         if find [over away] action [
             unrounded-pos: (face/offset + event/offset - face/data)
             snap-to-x: (round/to first unrounded-pos 80) + 20
             snap-to-y: (round/to second unrounded-pos 20) + 20
             face/offset: (as-pair snap-to-x snap-to-y)
         if action = 'up [
             if any [
                 (find cards face/offset)
                 (face/offset/2 < 20)
             ] [
                 if (face/offset/2 < 398) [face/offset: start-coord]
             replace cards start-coord face/offset
         show face
positions: does [
     temp: copy []
     foreach item cards [if ((type? item) = pair!) [append temp item]]
     return sort temp
arrange-cards: does [
     foreach position positions [
         foreach card system/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane [
             if (card/offset = position) and (position/2 < 398) [
                 remove find system/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane card
                 append system/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane card
     show system/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane
gui: [size 670x510 backdrop 0.150.0 across ]
foreach [card label num color pos] cards [
     append gui compose [
         at (pos) image load to-binary decompress (card) feel movestyle
box-pos: 18x398
loop 4 [
     append gui compose [
         at (box-pos) box green 72x2
         at (box-pos) box green 2x97
         at (box-pos + 320x0) box white 72x2
         at (box-pos + 320x0) box white 2x97
     box-pos: box-pos + 80x0
view/new center-face layout gui
You'll see a similar procedure in this image capture code:
avicap32.dll: load/library %avicap32.dll
user32.dll: load/library %user32.dll
find-window-by-class: make routine! [
     ClassName [string!] WindowName [integer!] return: [integer!]
] user32.dll "FindWindowA"
sendmessage: make routine! [
     hWnd [integer!] val1 [integer!] val2 [integer!] val3 [integer!]
     return: [integer!]
] user32.dll "SendMessageA"
sendmessage-file: make routine! [
     hWnd [integer!] val1 [integer!] val2 [integer!] val3 [string!]
     return: [integer!]
] user32.dll "SendMessageA"
cap: make routine! [
     cap [string!] child-val1 [integer!] val2 [integer!] val3 [integer!]
     width [integer!] height [integer!] handle [integer!]
     val4 [integer!] return: [integer!]
] avicap32.dll "capCreateCaptureWindowA"
view/new center-face layout/tight [
     image 320x240
     btn "Take Snapshot" [
         sendmessage cap-result 1085 0 0
         sendmessage-file cap-result 1049 0 "scrshot.bmp"
         browse %scrshot.bmp
     btn "Exit" [
         sendmessage cap-result 1205 0 0
         sendmessage cap-result 1035 0 0
         free user32.dll quit
hwnd: find-window-by-class "REBOLWind" 0
cap-result: cap "cap" 1342177280 0 0 320 240 hwnd 0
sendmessage cap-result 1034 0 0
sendmessage cap-result 1077 1 0
sendmessage cap-result 1075 1 0
sendmessage cap-result 1074 1 0
sendmessage cap-result 1076 1 0

posted by:   Nick       16-Oct-2013/4:40:38-7:00