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Rebol 3 Tutorial

I started converting some of my R2 tutorial materials for R3 Saphir. It's nowhere near done, but at this point should be enough to get absolute beginners using R3:    
For anyone with some experience, the code examples at http://re-bol.com/examples.r3 are a quicker way to get up to speed, without the extra prose.
I'll try to keep both documents updated together.

posted by:   Nick       1-Oct-2013/11:07:06-7:00

Great work, Nick!

posted by:   Henrik       3-Oct-2013/4:47:12-7:00

About a year ago I asked the question as a total beginner which version to use:
I never got around to starting to learn. During the last month I saw that R3 was progressing and downloaded from the Saphirion website to start to try and learn. I was having a problem because a lot of examples I saw concerned R2 and it was confusing me.
So this new tutorial for R3 is just what I needed. Thanks. I can see that these tutorials are a lot of work.
Also, the download link in section 2 to the r3-gui.r3 has a double http in it and misdirects to the wrong url.

posted by:   Sp Jo Russ       4-Oct-2013/14:50:08-7:00

You'll find that the differences between R2 and R3 in common "scripting" situations are pretty trivial. The GUI differences are straightforward, and basic scripts and simple apps should be easily converted from one to the other. R3 has the benefit of open source, so it's more future proof, and it will be what's used on new platforms (love having it on Android!). But R2 is still more mature. Either way, by the time you get to explore any of those more mature features, it should be easy to recognize the differences between R2 and R3, and switch back and forth without any real difficulty.
(Thank you for the edit - I'm sure there will be a ton over the next week or so...)

posted by:   Nick       4-Oct-2013/22:26:23-7:00

Added a bunch more updates, fixes, etc. today

posted by:   Nick       6-Oct-2013/15:20:27-7:00

In the game "Catch Game" in Section 7.6, shouldn't the instruction "do %requestors.r3" refer to a remote resource, instead of a local one ?

posted by:   Jma       7-Oct-2013/13:16:04-7:00

The section http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html#section-3.14 was all about creating, saving, and using that %requestors.r3 file locally. As explained there, it's expected to be in your local working directory (R2 had all those requestors built in - in R3, for now, they need to be imported).

posted by:   Nick       7-Oct-2013/21:10:27-7:00

is it possible to encapsulate R3 programs in Android APK packages, in a way similar to "XPackerX" under Windows ?

posted by:   Jma       8-Oct-2013/12:24:57-7:00

Saphirion already has an apk maker, but they haven't made it available publicly. The way I understand it, they're likely going to do it as a paid service.

posted by:   Nick       8-Oct-2013/16:32:29-7:00

I added many more images and some additional important sections to http://learnrebol.com . I'd say it's now in a presentable state for general use.

posted by:   Nick       10-Oct-2013/12:46:15-7:00