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Overall size of GUI and related window fonts

I have stared working with the examples in the new R3 tutorial. The default size of the windows and the fonts on the GUI are very small. Is there some global code that I can insert in each application code that would make the windows and fonts in the applications larger?
I am using Windows 8 and already have the system fonts and over all size of my windows enlarged.

posted by:   Sp Jo Russ       4-Oct-2013/14:58:18-7:00

    R E B O L [title: "Sizes"]
     do %r3-gui.r3
     foreach sizer [48 96 128 256] [
         gui-metric/set 'unit-size (gui-metric 'screen-dpi) / sizer
         view/options [
             text (join "Sizer value: " sizer)
             area (form sizer)
                 round/floor (gui-metric 'work-size) - gui-metric 'title-size

posted by:   Nick       4-Oct-2013/23:36:08-7:00

Btw, Rebol doesn't use native GUI widgets, so the system setting don't affect them. They are drawn entirely with Rebol code, so completely controllable with script, regardless of platform.

posted by:   Nick       5-Oct-2013/8:26:27-7:00

Okay. Thanks for the help and information. Works real good.

posted by:   Sp Jo Russ       5-Oct-2013/21:25:47-7:00

> so the system setting don't affect them.
It is possible that this can be probed and used by the R3 GUI in the future.

posted by:   Henrik       8-Oct-2013/5:43:47-7:00