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Is REBOL still being supported ??

Is REBOL still being supported or has it been placed on the back burner? I mean I've just discovered this language today and so far I am intriged at what I see. It would be a shame if the effort to improve on what has already been created has faded into the sunset. I come from a SmallTalk back ground and I am becoming more dissapointed at seeing creative ideas in computer languages get squandered away.

posted by:   Peter Ewing       23-Sep-2013/9:33:29-7:00

Rebol 3 was released as an open source project 12-12-12, and a _lot_ of progress has been made by the community. Saphirion has already released a great version for Android, with GUI, networking, etc. Take a look at http://business-programming.com/business_programming.html#section-18 for a quick introduction. Take a look at http://re-bol.com/examples.r3 for some more basics. It's very easy to pick up if you've had some R2 background. The same version shown in the examples above also works on Windows and Mac too, and Linux GUI is coming. It's great to be able to run the exact same scripts on Android and desktop :)
Red is also likely going to be a big part of the future of Rebol-like languages. AltME is still the place to communicate if you really want to take part.

posted by:   Nick       23-Sep-2013/21:22:40-7:00

I just released the software used to run Merchants' Village as an open source project:
R2 and RebGUI 117.
Take a look at http://rebol.org and search github and stackoverflow for other current happenings.

posted by:   Nick       23-Sep-2013/21:29:08-7:00

Peter: Rebol had some tough times last a few years, but the community is still alive, getting stronger and there are many good things happen these days.
Rebol3 became open source, Saphirion continues its development.
Rebol2 is still used by many for daily use, you can ask here or on FB (https://www.facebook.com/groups/rebol/) or on Stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/rebol) or on Altme.
Check these out:
as well as Red becomes very strong day by day:

posted by:   Endo       28-Sep-2013/10:20:06-7:00

I have had small REBOL 2 scripts in production for many years, but only for little email programs that could be replaced if necessary. Lately however I have begun using REBOL 2 a lot more, and would be very unhappy if it became unavailable. Besides some production applications in regular use, I am building up a personal control panel that is in daily use.

posted by:   Steven White       30-Sep-2013/10:31:22-7:00

I'm really starting to use R3 Saphir in earnest now, and it's becoming a trusted replacement for R2. With the work that's being done on R3 (and Red soon), I'm a lot less worried about legacy R2.
Take a look at http://re-bol.com/examples.r3 and you'll see that making the switch to Saphirion's R3 is pretty painless.

posted by:   Nick       30-Sep-2013/11:37:03-7:00

There's a lot going on these days in the Stackoverflow chat: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol-and-red

posted by:   Nick       1-Oct-2013/8:21:26-7:00