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Can REBOL send to web site, like...

http://the contest.com/u/soupysales?vote_from=Dr+Frankenstein
Can you submit this directly to a Site, or change what's in the browser bar?

posted by:   Gs     7-Aug-2013/13:05:07-7:00

Sure you can do that:
     print read http://google.com/search?q=test
     write %test.html read http://google.com/search?q=test
you can also POST to a form using /CUSTOM refinement
url: http://example.com/cgi-bin/form.cgi
data: read/binary %localfile.exe
result: read/custom url reduce ['post data]
See the links below for further info:

posted by:   Endo     8-Aug-2013/10:40:16-7:00

So, this would submit a Vote?
{Assuming that they had the oversight to count a vote whhen the name in the browser bar is changed, and Enter is pressed}
print read http://voting.contest.com/u/Soupy_Sales?vote=Gayle+Winters
How could you tell from a server response?
Or 'could' you?

posted by:   Gus     8-Aug-2013/15:34:40-7:00

Yes, if server accepts HTTP GET request (parameters from the URL) then it would work.
if it accepts only POST data then you need to use the other solutions. (read/custom)
READ function returns the server response (an HTML web site, most probably)
Then you can search for a word to see if it was successful or not.
Let's say server response is one of:
Thanks for voting
An error occured
s: read http://vote.com/vote=Gayle+Winters
either find s "error" [
     alert "Error!"
] [
     alert "Success!"

posted by:   Endo     8-Aug-2013/18:50:34-7:00

I did:
either find voteSite "successfully" [
     alert "Voted!"
     alert "Error!"
And I got "Voted!"

posted by:   Gus     8-Aug-2013/21:47:54-7:00