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Rebol multitasking - server/database/image

Is there something like Smalltalk images for Rebol? I mean program, which would provide multitasking for rebol scripts running in one memory space? Like small rebol OS.

posted by:   RF     9-Jun-2013/0:24:11-7:00

Probably this is not exactly what you want, but UniServe is a client/server network programming framework for REBOL, http://softinnov.org/rebol/uniserve.shtml
see the documentation on the web site. it is bundled with Cheyenne web server http://cheyenne-server.org/
With task-master it can provide a multiprocess, services can share data and send data each other.

posted by:   Endo     10-Jun-2013/10:20:24-7:00

REBOL is small enough in many cases, that 2 process can be started, and communicate for example by network ports. What are you trying to accomplish?

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2013/15:24:04-7:00

> What are you trying to accomplish?
Right now nothing particular, I am just playing with rebol and this looks interesting.

posted by:   RF     11-Jun-2013/10:35:12-7:00