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HTML DOM parser

Is there actually any decent HTML DOM parser? Or do I have to write one?

posted by:   RF     7-Jun-2013/16:46:29-7:00

There's an HTML parser for R2 in the PowerMezz package. I wrote a DOM wrapper for it: http://reb4.me/r/html
     do http://reb4.me/r/html
     load-html/dom %some.html
The DOM wrapper works in a similar fashion to my XML version: http://www.ross-gill.com/page/XML_and_REBOL
Note that while you can 'do this script in place, you can download the script along with the PowerMezz modules changing the MezzModules header value as appropriate.

posted by:   Chris     7-Jun-2013/17:58:38-7:00

That link again:

posted by:   Chris     7-Jun-2013/17:59:52-7:00

Ok, that works. Thanks.

posted by:   RF     8-Jun-2013/23:44:27-7:00