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Meta entry into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022

I sent in an entry for the ABBUC Software Contest 2022, written in Meta:
Segments lister for Atari 8-bit binary program files
For Atari 8-bit, Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
It will be private to ABBUC members until their yearly meeting, after which I will publish the program.

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     1-Aug-2022/11:26:28-7:00

Congratulations with reaching the top position in this competition ;-)
It is my take, they were more looking for a game then for a serious program in this competition.

posted by:   Arnold     15-Dec-2022/10:49:52-8:00

Thanks, yeah, not only GCC works in reversed ways. ;-)
True, the few non-games tend to be ignored. On the other hand, if you look at the votes given by the members, they are spread over all entries with not that much spread between them. And the ABBUC is the one sponsoring Meta's development this way, so Atari is still the most important target platform. :-)

posted by:   Kaj     15-Dec-2022/17:19:03-8:00



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