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Rebol in the Real World

This topic shows Rebol Rivaling other Languages and its stand in the Computer Science World

posted by:   Recon141     24-Mar-2013/15:33:26-7:00

Rebol is the simpler version of JAVA i. It is almost a direct copy . However REBOL for me is not consirdered a normal language it does not implement and normal language rules
For instance in c,c++,Java a variable is declared by
int a;
In REBOL this is not the case
Rebol is a easy beginners language it will last long in the science world for novice but for advanced users it will be a hard change learning all those rules and principals its ginda difficult for me to understand. Maybe oneday this Language will devolep into something simple but more Languaging Like

posted by:   Recon141     24-Mar-2013/15:42:48-7:00

This evaluation is way off target. I can see how you may draw some superficial comparisons - they're both languages that allow you to build applications on multiple platforms using the same code base. But Java, as a language and development environment, in terms of design goals and 'reasons for using', is as far at the opposite end of the spectrum as could be imagined. Java has an enormous monolithic API, all object oriented, and is as "noun based" an approach to language as could be conceived. REBOL's reason for being is to simplify programming solutions. At it's heart is the concept of "domain specific languages". It's built in parse dialect, language constructs, data types, and other language features are all conceived to allow developers to create dialects that enable *concise, simple, and readable language constructs in any problem domain. That's why REBOL and all its "libraries" are less than a meg, and why REBOL code is *always shorter and more manageable than Java code. REBOL has a number of useful dialects built in: VID, Draw, etc. and a variety of user-created dialects: quick-plot, RebGUI, etc. Schemes like Doc's MySQL driver integrate nicely with the language and allow you to use the native 'series' functions, in the same way you deal with strings, network ports, file ports, etc. All this together makes it a simple pleasure to work with :)

posted by:   Nick     25-Mar-2013/9:36:30-7:00

Java's only unifying design concept is objects - and this tends to lead to verbose, convoluted design patterns which are not a pleasure to work with. Java is popular and powerful because it has tons of financial backing, but it's language design and development environment is far less flexible or enjoyable to work with than REBOL. But I guess that's all personal preference (well, my personal preference is to be able to get coding work completed efficiently :)

posted by:   Nick     25-Mar-2013/9:42:26-7:00

I don't know if others will agree with this but I long ago came to the conclusion that supposed high level languages like C and even Visual Basic were deliberately being made more and more complicated, essentially, to keep the masses out of programming and Software.
In just the same way that Lawyers and Judges don't want ordinary plebs practicing Law, the Programming world don't want the masses being able to write their own software.
Although I've only recently stumbled across Rebol, and am still in the early stages of getting to grips with it, my impression is that Rebol attempts to reverse this trend and I for one welcome it.
Whatever the reason behind Rebol, Great work guys.

posted by:   Ade     25-Mar-2013/13:14:36-7:00

Although REBOL is a simpler "JAVA" it abandons all concepts of programing (in the syntax way) and makes everything up thats why its it is not used in the ENTERPRIZE market one day it will be more Languagy but now it is for me a non realistic language. And another thing I saw REBOL 3 and all i can say its a step in the right direction PS im happy ^_^. Oh and REBOL is great it just needs to be more how can i put this acceptable for advanced and like i said Rebol3 u make me smile

posted by:   Recon141     25-Mar-2013/13:40:49-7:00

Ade, you're right on.

posted by:   Kaj     1-Apr-2013/12:27:06-7:00