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Red - Red/System Compiler

Hi, I wrote a simple wrapper to Red-Red/System compiler to make it eaiser to compile test scripts.
Download the latest package from http://www.red-lang.org/p/blog-page_5.html
Put the RedCompiler.exe into Red-master folder
Drag & drop .red or .reds onto RedCompiler.exe
Double click and select your script file.
It compiles the source according to source file's extension.
It's not a standalone compiler! It's just a wrapper to red.r and rsc.r compiler scripts.
Red files compile to same folder with RedCompiler.exe
Red/System files compile to red-system/builds folder.
it is Windows only!
Author: Endo
License: Public domain

posted by:   Endo       7-Mar-2013/5:10:35-8:00

Here is the download link:

posted by:   Endo       7-Mar-2013/5:11:48-8:00

Cool, thanks! I'm so impatient to see Red get to maturity. I think it will be the future of REBOL-like language and approach. Doc has the right idea about simple/effective modern development design requirements.

posted by:   Nick       7-Mar-2013/9:42:21-8:00