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String to date

Hello. Newbie to Rebol/Red. How can I convert "230919" to date that represents 2023/09/19? My plan is to count days in-between today and the date represented by the string.

posted by:   mbenam     8-Oct-2022/23:30:33-7:00

If your string is always "YYMMDD" then you can just copy out the various parts:
mystring: "230919"
make date! reduce [
     2000 + to integer! copy/part mystring 2
     to integer! copy/part skip mystring 2 2
     to integer! copy/part skip mystring 4 2

posted by:   Chris     9-Oct-2022/11:50:57-7:00

This is great! Need to learn the keyword "make". Thank you.

posted by:   mbenam     9-Oct-2022/12:17:01-7:00

x: "230919"
insert at x 1 "20"
insert at x 5 "/"
insert at x 8 "/"
to-date x

posted by:   Nick     9-Oct-2022/12:40:20-7:00

This seems more elegant, Nick. However, on Red had to use load command instead of to-date.

posted by:   mbenam     9-Oct-2022/13:28:44-7:00



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