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resize background color

Can I get view display to use the backdrop color when resizing the view?
I have looked in places like
probe SYSTEM/view/VID/vid-colors/body
== [40.100.130 255.180.55]
I am looking to change the default gray color into the backdrop color hoping it will be used to paint the resized window.
Is there a solution?

posted by:   VIDpuzzle       1-Mar-2019/14:01:30-8:00

You can use BACKCOLOR within your layout:
     view layout [
         backcolor red
This will be applied to the window face (unlike BACKDROP).

posted by:   Chris       1-Mar-2019/16:16:55-8:00

Works like a charm!
What I love about this forum, is when I ask a question and a few months later, I forgot the answer, I stumble upon the answer when I search the net!

posted by:   VIDpuzzle       1-Mar-2019/16:58:15-8:00



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