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I know there is a REBOL3 android version from Saphirion. Do you know where I can find it together with R3-GUI code?

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi     11-Sep-2020/19:18:24-7:00

I have mirrored copies at http://re-bol.com/r3-droid.apk and http://re-bol.com/r3-gui.r3

posted by:   Nick     12-Sep-2020/16:03:31-7:00

Thank you Nick,
    I see you work in the business filed. I do this too and I see you have already faced many of the scenarios and problems I am facing right now.

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi     16-Sep-2020/12:17:39-7:00

Can you also provide a link to Saphirion's R3 for Windows ?
This link (http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/ ) is broken.

posted by:   lm     8-Jan-2021/4:41:09-8:00

lm, try http://re-bol.com/r3-view.exe.

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     30-Jan-2022/0:45:55-8:00



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