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Rebol portal

Hi, I just created    
It's a portal for the Rebol users, with forum, wiki, gallery and blog. Try it!

posted by:   MaxV     24-Jan-2013/10:22:46-8:00


posted by:   Nick     25-Jan-2013/7:40:09-8:00

not useful links in the welcome section.
why hide the download links, and the other links from guests ? what kind of welcome is that ?
Is the goal not to spread Rebol ? why putting barriers in front of people?

posted by:   duh!     25-Jan-2013/23:38:26-8:00

Sorry, I didn't notice that deafult portal settings was to hide links, now all is public. Let me know if you encounter other problems
Please read:

posted by:   MaxV     31-Jan-2013/8:14:11-8:00