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Feature Requests

Hi, I opened this topic to keep together all the feature requests for this forum. First of all, thank you very much for this clean & simple forum Nick. Please keep the simplicity.
Here is my list,
1) RSS feed
2) Cookie for the "Name" field
Of course there can be so many items on this list but we don't want to make it complicated, right?

posted by:   Endo       17-May-2010/3:38:26-7:00

Great suggestions! I'm making a list...

posted by:   Nick       17-May-2010/9:35:45-7:00

Hmm there should be a New Messages link, otherwise it will be getting difficult to open items to see if there are new messages. But it would be easier after a user/login feature to store the last login date etc. or we can put all this kind of things into cookies but it will be machine specific then, not user.

posted by:   Endo       17-May-2010/10:38:38-7:00

How about a way to edit self posts? I seem to respond back before proofreading, and find I'd like to fix it a bit.

posted by:   Steve Oldner       17-May-2010/10:59:22-7:00

Or delete?
All this kind of things require username/password/login feature. So I think it would be on top of the list. Nick? :)

posted by:   Endo       17-May-2010/11:22:38-7:00

I've actually already got the code to do the edit/delete thing, without any account setup. I just added a field for optional password entry, which is saved along with the message. I'll add that as soon as I get a chance!

posted by:   Nick       17-May-2010/11:41:23-7:00

A chronological display option will also be pretty easy to implement - that's also right at the top of my list (now that the work week is here, it may take a few days...)

posted by:   Nick       17-May-2010/11:44-7:00

Nick, a very simple request: on the captcha page, add the REBOL Forum title line. Otherwise, it's a just bit too mysterious to new users.

posted by:   Carl Sassenrath       17-May-2010/15:19:13-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick       17-May-2010/23:58:37-7:00

we also need a way to emphasize words. e.g bold
just testing anyway with the following line.
can we do bold ?

posted by:   yuem       23-May-2010/8:29:35-7:00

sorry, pls ignore my previous comment, it can definitely do bold - as the previous test did confirm.

posted by:   yuem       23-May-2010/8:31:23-7:00

How about an answered checkbox? Both my questions have been answered. If some of the experienced REBOLers are looking to help, then these would be very low priority,so a checkbox might save them some time.

posted by:   Steve Oldner       24-May-2010/7:26:09-7:00

When I implement the user editing/deleting, I can add that feature :)

posted by:   Nick       24-May-2010/16:30:04-7:00

Nick, it would be nice if we can see the user name of the last post at the home page.

posted by:   Endo       24-May-2010/16:58:03-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick       24-May-2010/23:29:50-7:00

is it possible to sort the messages so that the most recently updated/created message categories stay at the top?

posted by:   yuem       29-May-2010/11:40:06-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick       29-May-2010/13:26:42-7:00

Great! :)

posted by:   Endo       30-May-2010/8:55-7:00

Is is possible to add parts of new messages into RSS feed? First 200 chars may be?

posted by:   Endo       3-Jun-2010/2:50:20-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick       3-Jun-2010/10:34:03-7:00

We can put 2 search boxes which will be combined, Author and Message. So we can search like author="nick" AND message="protocol".
A separate search page would be nice also (but keep the current one in home page)
Not high priority features ofcourse.

posted by:   Endo       10-Jun-2010/11:42:31-7:00

I first said limit RSS feeds with 200 chars. But I think it is not necessary. Or we can make it bigger like 4096 chars. Because other rss feeds are not limited, HKM Design, Twitter etc.
Second, could we make this Feature Request topic as sticky?

posted by:   Endo       22-Jun-2010/7:23:53-7:00

Done :)

posted by:   Nick       22-Jun-2010/9:54:51-7:00

@Nick: Could you put the source code of this forum in uncompressed format, so we can see the source inside the browser when you make a new update, without "do"ing the link and see in editor. or am I too lazy? :)

posted by:   Endo       23-Jun-2010/15:04:53-7:00

Since there's a lot of HTML in the program, it won't display correctly. Compressing is the fastest and most reliable way that I can think to to deliver it. If you have any ideas about how else to do it, I'd be happy to try out anything...

posted by:   Nick       23-Jun-2010/21:31:06-7:00

Nick, to format a line as code, putting 4 spaces at start of the line is not enough? They look ordinary lines even I put 4 spaces? Am I doing something wrong?

posted by:   Endo       3-Aug-2010/11:12:47-7:00

Yes, 4 spaces, or a tab will work for indentation:
     Here are spaces used for indentation.
     Tabs are used here.

posted by:   Nick       4-Aug-2010/9:56:54-7:00

In what message didn't it work? I'll check the data to see what happened...

posted by:   Nick       4-Aug-2010/9:59:01-7:00

Endo, your padding and similarity functions are indented properly when I view them. Are they not displaying properly for you? (check the source, and you should see all the & n b s p ; characters added for formatting).

posted by:   Nick       4-Aug-2010/10:04:41-7:00

Nick, each time when I send a message, I enter the topic again to see my message.
So I think that it is better to stay in current topic after sending a message instead of going to home page.

posted by:   Endo       23-Aug-2010/3:40:48-7:00

A sticky "Tips & Tricks" topic would be nice.

posted by:   Endo       23-Aug-2010/6:24:03-7:00

Houston we got a problem! Spams! They're everywhere!

posted by:   Endo       27-Feb-2011/9:39:08-8:00

Messages can be shown in reverse order, newest first.
Or put a javascript code to scroll to bottom of page when the page loaded.
Can be useful in long pages.

posted by:   Endo       7-Mar-2011/16:35:27-8:00

Can Rebol be implemented in Javascript? If so it would help Rebol adoption greatly and it can become defacto for all Web Development. This is not far fetched as Python a more complex language has been implemented in Javascript (http://www.skulpt.org/) already.

posted by:   JFK       15-Apr-2011/2:48:16-7:00

Came across a Ruby (RubyJS) implementation in Javascript as well. Here goes: http://www.ntecs.de/projects/rubyjs/

posted by:   JFK       15-Apr-2011/2:58:16-7:00

Gabriele has made a proof of concept, but it was a few hundred times slower than REBOL.

posted by:   Kaj       19-Apr-2011/16:15:41-7:00

I released this topic from the top of the page stickies, since the last addition was over a year ago. It will continue to be available, and eventually archived as a normal message.

posted by:   Nick       4-Dec-2012/0:10:55-8:00

its an odd bug perhaps, i had
"Suggestions for new forum features page open," refreshed it and get this
"(released sticky) Feature Requests"
in its place, its odd but perhaps useful if its displaying the latest post at the top of the front page.... before i looked there

posted by:   BugMeNot       4-Dec-2012/5:12:39-8:00

hmmm BUG in the new code seems to also now put me back into the front page after i posted the above too, is it intended, or an oversight

posted by:   BugMeNot       4-Dec-2012/5:17:04-8:00

its probably something to do with the "Permalink" code you added and seems to have happened when you released the sticky's between my page refresh

posted by:   bugmenot       4-Dec-2012/5:38:39-8:00

Bugmenot, the topic numbers change as new topics are added, so a new post was added before you refreshed - that's why I added the permalink feature. I'm thinking that the permalink may be the best default viewing link.

posted by:   Nick       5-Dec-2012/7:34:29-8:00

being able to see who is logged on or being able to send a "PM" message to a contributor would be a nice feature but not essential

posted by:   Robert Wiggins       24-Dec-2012/10:29:17-8:00

I did not realize this site was still active. That might have been my problem, but I am trying to decide why I thought so. Is it possible to highlight items that I myself have not read? Check www.bikeforums.net where they seem to do that. Also, maybe you are doing this, are posts sorted so that the ones with the most recent activity are at the top? And finally, I think that the font size should be a little bigger. It is hard to glance at the page and know instantly of something has been updated recently. I have to stare at it for a second to "acquire" the posting dates. (Once again, that might be just my problem.) Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White       28-Dec-2012/9:28:04-8:00

I answered one of my questions myself by the preceding posting. This topic floated to the top of the list after I made the post.

posted by:   Steven White       31-Dec-2012/10:50:59-8:00