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Suggestions for new forum features

In response to http://www.rebol.com/cgi-bin/blog.r?view=0518#comments , feel free to post your requests for improvements and changes to this forum script. The current working code is always available by typing the following in the REBOL console:
do http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=source

posted by:   Nick       30-Nov-2012/11:58:55-8:00

I just added permalinks. It took 15 lines of code.

posted by:   Nick       30-Nov-2012/16:12:16-8:00

So... It works, doesn't it?
Excellent; what else do we nees: improvements? Sure: as I can unserstand, these CAN be done.

posted by:   pierre       30-Nov-2012/17:16:33-8:00

I'd suggest adding tags. And instead of adding sub-sections (which I'm sure you'll be asked for), allow the forum's moderator/s to flag suitable tags as the forum's primary topics. Then have those primary flags appear in a line at the top of the forum with the tag-cloud containing all the tags either on its side or at the bottom.
That should be easy to manage and would provide for a very dynamic collection of topics.
I'd also give the tags ticky-boxes to allow the users to view a collection of them at once.
(Suggestion the second: Have a captcha that easier for a human to get right than a computer;)

posted by:   Carl Read       30-Nov-2012/20:08:22-8:00

I like this. Lets do it.

posted by:   Scot       1-Dec-2012/0:24:55-8:00

a left click to highlight, and a clickable
"bold", "quote block" etc would be nice as i keep forgetting the command lines to make them
oh BTW if anyone wants to try an Openstack i just found a free Calxeda instance you can register for and use, i assume you can write and use rebol API interfaces and the binary there or report that you need it installed on their "Server Images"
and http://docs.openstack.org/api/openstack-compute/programmer/content/creating-server-images.html

posted by:   bugmenot       1-Dec-2012/13:32:23-8:00

Carl, several others have suggested tags. I think you're probably right about that being a more dynamic solution than sub-sections. Do you have any existing model(s) in mind?

posted by:   Nick       1-Dec-2012/21:58:11-8:00

I've no tag model in particular in mind. My approach would be to just add a field here to allow the users to add tags, (perhaps using spaces as the separators and quotes to enclose multi-word tags - ie. REBOL style), and then use the tags that are gathered to experiment with how best to use them.
Perhaps at least one tag should be compulsory for new topics, with them being optional in the comments. Plus the moderator/s at least should be able to add or edit the tags at a later date.
And if you go with the primary-tags approach, have those easily accessible where the tags are added, so people just have to select them, not type them in. And ditto for the full tag cloud, but just not as prominent.

posted by:   Carl Read       2-Dec-2012/5:45:27-8:00

I'll play with it!

posted by:   Nick       3-Dec-2012/22:34:38-8:00