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We had some questions ....

7-Nov-2012 18:08:57     We can try forums before the source is out. We had some questions, like: which forum? Which license? How about: The advocates set up a thread (stackoverflow, reddit, others?). We meet there for some days and continue discussions."

posted by:   mike CO Omei       8-Nov-2012/0:01:46-8:00

The main thing that has to be added to this script, before it's used for anything serious, is a permalink feature. Add one more field to the data structure, with an auto-incremented index, and use that as the permalink. Currently, 'topicnumber changes as topics are rearranged by date, and it's used in the display link. Maybe someone (Endo?) could help me improve some of the display too, when HTML is included in the topic.

posted by:   Nick       8-Nov-2012/5:39:03-8:00