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I created a little site to write code for hire: http://www.wherecanifindaprogrammer.com
It turns out that that search term get 25 million views a month.

posted by:   Nick       13-Oct-2012/0:54:56-7:00

That's awesome. Do you even have time for that? :-)

posted by:   Kaj       13-Oct-2012/12:10:38-7:00

hehúČit's very nice

posted by:   ttkk1024       15-Oct-2012/4:35:14-7:00

Kaj, I'll make time for it :) Lately, I've been actively delegating more and more of the work in my existing projects to managers. Clearing time for more creative work.
It's a fun dream to get enough work to pass around opportunity to others in the community :)
For the page above, I moved the useful content to the beginning of the article and brushed it up to sound a bit more professional. I've got to get links everywhere to get toward the top of the Google listings. It'll take a while, but the shear number of searches for that term is an eye popper.

posted by:   Nick       16-Oct-2012/23:13:45-7:00