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Which version to learn?

I am a pretty much a total beginner in Programming. I have learned some HTML, CSS and experimented with several programming languages. I am not seeking a career in programming only want to use one language for all around hobby work.
I found Rebol a year or two ago. But, I saw that R3 was being developed so hesitated in starting till it was further along. Now I see that it is going to be open sourced. So, my question is should I wait until it is further developed? I don't want to start with Rebol 2 and then have to unlearn everything for Rebol 3.

posted by:   Sp Jo Russ     1-Oct-2012/13:21:22-7:00

Start with R2. It is fully functional, and able to be used for the sort of needs you likely have in mind. You won't need to unlearn everything. When R3 GUI, Red, and any variants become available for new platforms down the road, or with support new protocols, features, etc., there will be an overwhelming majority of familiar functions and code patterns that you'll be able to pick up quickly.

posted by:   Nick     1-Oct-2012/14:38:14-7:00

Okay, thanks for your help. I will do that.

posted by:   Sp Jo Russ     1-Oct-2012/20:15-7:00