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Rebol is not responding in iOS deployment

I'm trying to learn to use Rebol according to this example: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/join-multiple-swf-files.edu.html (Joining multiple SWF files into one SWF for iOS deployment)
I acted strictly according to instructions. I downloaded the sample files, install graphical version of REBOL, changed the path to the Flex SDK and run the script (file compile-and-run.r). First came the dialogue that I allowed to change permissions of the files. But then all down and nothing changes. Rebol is not responding. Only appear new files ExampleLevel1.swf.bin, ExampleLevel1.swf.txt etc. in 'assets' directory.
Tell me please, what could be wrong?

posted by:   Astraport       16-Sep-2012/4:32:55-7:00

Getting in touch with Oldes on AltME is probably the best way to get answers about rswf.

posted by:   Nick       25-Sep-2012/17:24:21-7:00