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Moment of Truth

Carl wrote a message to the community. If you are involved in the REBOL community, please take part in the conversation:

posted by:   Nick     29-Aug-2012/9:32:38-7:00

Waiting ... patiently!

posted by:   Nick     5-Sep-2012/20:58:22-7:00

This is a very long moment of truth.

posted by:   Nick     8-Sep-2012/4:46:01-7:00

:-) :-/ :-(

posted by:   Kaj     8-Sep-2012/17:06:29-7:00

He doesn't like to communicate does he.

posted by:   Nicolas     8-Sep-2012/19:58:13-7:00

I have years of gratitude saved up for Carl and what REBOL has provided me, so I will be as patient as is required (that is, hoping that the final result is open source...)

posted by:   Nick     9-Sep-2012/10:23:29-7:00

Tonight was like getting a nibble after sitting all day with worms on the hook...

posted by:   Nick     10-Sep-2012/19:41:47-7:00

Very encouraging! From the blog post:
It's really good to hear from everyone again. Thanks for taking the time to post your opinions and suggestions.
I've read your comments and made a decision. It's time to move forward. I think most of you will be happy with the decision.
I'll post a new blog to describe the next steps, and I'm going to need your help. We should be able to resume REBOL development again quite soon... but of course, with an entirely new approach to how it's been done with REBOL before.
Thanks again.

posted by:   Nick     18-Sep-2012/8:56:37-7:00