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Rebol CGI on IIS6 on Windows 2003 Server

Again I have problems running REBOL as CGI on IIS6.
It works when I set mappings as follow on XP (IIS5)
c:\core.exe -cs %s %s
on IIS7 (Windows 7/2008 etc.) this on is works:
c:\core.exe -cs "%s %s"
But neither work on IIS6 (Window 2003)
Here is the solution:
"c:\core.exe" -cs "%s" %s
And make sure you set Allowed c:\core.exe on Web Extensions and set the correct file permissions.

posted by:   Endo       2-Aug-2012/9:26-7:00


posted by:   Endo       27-Aug-2012/6:53:21-7:00


posted by:   Nick       29-Aug-2012/9:30:43-7:00