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'Text' only 'show's numbers between 0 and 9. How can I fix this?

I am working on a little program that keeps a score. The GUI is set like this:
hits: 0
misses: 0
view layout [
    backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 blue black]
    text "My title here!" font-size 32 bold underline white
    x: text font-size 24 bold gold join "Score: " hits
    y: text font-size 24 bold brick join "Misses: " misses
and later, according to user action, I need to update the score and print it, which I do with this:
either (action = bad) [
    misses: misses + 1
    hits: hits - 1
    x/text: join "Score: " hits
    y/text: join "Misses: " misses
    show x
    show y
     ] [
    hits: hits + 1
    x/text: join "Score: " hits
    show x
Everything works fine while "hits" and "misses" stay between 0 and 9 but when they become a negative number or a number with two digits (above nine) they disappear leaving only the strings "Score" and "Misses" (the other variable within range still appears after the string).
This is really strange. I have tried "Text" and "Show" under other circumstances and they work as expected. Maybe this is just a very silly mistake from my part but I really can't see it. Any help is much welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

posted by:   Damian       26-Aug-2012/16:24:29-7:00