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Open Source News

This message was posted to AltME 7-15-2012, apparently by those close to Carl:
*Rebol source code is to be released very soon. However there will be conditions precedent to the release.
Waiting and watching carefully...

posted by:   Nick       16-Jul-2012/12:23:44-7:00

This appears to be about REBOL3

posted by:   Nick       16-Jul-2012/17:44:26-7:00

Any more news on this subject? Can't acess AltME on my iPad :(

posted by:   crex       22-Jul-2012/6:15:54-7:00

No news. Better to follow languages like Red, if you want to see projects that are in motion right now.

posted by:   Henrik       23-Jul-2012/3:19:54-7:00

Astonishing news.

posted by:   Art K.       29-Jul-2012/7:28:14-7:00