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does rebol have a request folder command? I have seen only a
reques-file function. I
n java you can use the JFileChooser to select either files or folder .
In rebol if I use request-file, then I have to use a split path to get only the
folder, but this approach doesn 't work if there is no file in the folder.

posted by:   yuem       24-May-2010/15:45:31-7:00

If you have trouble remembering function names, try "help request-"
Ashley created native requestors, at http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=native-requestors.r and the requestors in RebGUI are nice too :)

posted by:   Nick       24-May-2010/16:21:17-7:00

thanks Nick. I found out that "request-dir" actually exists, though it didn't recognize my mouse scroll key.
I also tried the native-requestors.r script. they worked too.

posted by:   yuem       30-May-2010/7:50:59-7:00