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Conditional skip in parse

I needed to skip numbers in a string if they satisfy a condition. So I wrote this and I thought that it can help someone else.
alpha: charset [#"a" - #"z"]
digit: charset [#"0" - #"9"]
test: "ab1235678cd"
parse test [
    some alpha m: copy v some digit (if even? to-decimal v [m: skip m length? v]) :m copy t
    some [alpha | digit] (print t)
try to change the test, this parse rule will skip the arbitrary length of number if it is even.

posted by:   Endo       24-May-2010/3:54:44-7:00

It will help me.    
Thanks Endo!

posted by:   Steve Oldner       24-May-2010/7:08:08-7:00