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Appending variable contents to block

I'm trying to append a variable contents into a block like this -
path: "c:\file.txt"
f5: [--crf 20 --preset veryfast --tune film --level 4.1]
append f5 [ --output path movie.avs]
I need to add the "path" variable contents to the f5 block. I can't seem to get the contents, only the variable name when I do this. I tried adding "reduce" like this -
append f5 reduce [ --output path movie.avs]
but that only works if all the block items are variables. I only have one block item variable (path).

posted by:   tony       23-Jan-2012/16:01:27-8:00

Figured it out --
append f5 rejoin [{ --output "} path {" movie.avs}]

posted by:   tony       24-Jan-2012/2:57:47-8:00

Alternatively, you can also use COMPOSE and parens around values to reduce:
`append f5 compose [ --output (path) movie.avs]`

posted by:   DocKimbel       25-Jan-2012/8:40:24-8:00