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Redirect a windows command line program to a GUI field

Is is possible to do the above. I'm still working on my GUI and I want to see, in real time, the output of my command line program just as you would see in a dos command window, but show it on my GUI somehow. I assume a field would be where it could display??

posted by:   tony     18-Jan-2012/22:19:34-8:00

Well, you will run into challenges long before getting to the GUI part. I would focus on trying this in the REBOL console first.
It would mean saving the output of the command line program to disk and poll on that file once in a while, by opening a port to the file and copy from it. This would run in a loop with a small WAIT to avoid too much CPU usage.
You can't do this with CALL, if that is what you were expecting.
I'd suggest reading up on ports:

posted by:   Henrik     19-Jan-2012/4:19:07-8:00

also check:

posted by:   Endo     20-Jan-2012/2:50:41-8:00