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Dobeash SQLite Driver: SQLite ROW error?

Hello, I cannot understand this error. Using sqlite.r from dobeash.com in REBOL/View on Windows 2012 R2; SQLite version is 3.15.2
In the most simplified form of what I am trying to do with CTEs, this query works under sqlite3 in a command line window, but fails when called in REBOL:
>> sql {WITH x AS (select 'a' as study ),
{    y AS (select 'b' as study )
{    select y.study from y LEFT JOIN x ON y.study = x.study}
** User Error: SQLite ROW: sqlite_step() has another row ready
** Near: make error! reform ["SQLite" error]
Any advice greatly appreciated!

posted by:   JackKort       21-Mar-2019/14:40:20-7:00

SQLite Driver is old and may not support CTEs (I don't know if this is the case) but you may try with /direct refinement sql/direct "..." and also give a try newer version: http://reb4.me/r/sqlite

posted by:   Endo       9-Jun-2019/14:17:39-7:00



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