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VID Extension Kit

I'm relaunching the VID Extension Kit after a lengthy break.
The VID Extension Kit is a GUI system built on top of VID. It offers resizing, different appearance, a comprehensive list of styles, keyboard navigation and functions to make it easier to do programming in the large.
The VID Extension Kit is currently available through GitHub here:
In this latest version, the VID Extension Kit is no longer compatible with LIST-VIEW, since it offers its own DATA-LIST style, a faster and more elegant substitute.
A range of click-and-run demos are available in the Tests/ directory.
Despite the name, the VID Extension Kit does not really allow running plain VID programs (it did in the beginning), and the editor and viewtop are not functioning, when using the VID Extension Kit.
Licensing is not yet settled.
My main website is down, so docs are raw make-doc plain text. I hope to fix this soon.

posted by:   Henrik       1-Jul-2011/3:57:30-7:00

Thanks a lot for the work Henrik.

posted by:   Endo       1-Jul-2011/4:45:12-7:00

I'm looking forward to using it!

posted by:   Nick       3-Jul-2011/10:11:57-7:00

Henrik, is it possible to make a version of just the data-list usable in regular VID?

posted by:   Nick       3-Jul-2011/13:10:58-7:00

Data-list depends on about 5-6 different other styles. It also uses the VID Extension Kit resizing system to provide internal resizing as well as modified a window event handler to throttle events in a way to make it faster than LIST-VIEW.
There is also a context for handling sorting, filtering, column order, etc. which is intended for use in other styles.

posted by:   Henrik       4-Jul-2011/3:56:17-7:00

Henrik, thanks for the response and for all the hard work - I'm looking forward to putting it to use.

posted by:   Nick       4-Jul-2011/15:05:34-7:00

My site is now fixed, and details and docs about the VID Extension Kit can be read here:

posted by:   Henrik       23-Aug-2011/9:38:46-7:00

If you haven't decided on a license, this pretty much prevents anyone from using it except to play with.

posted by:   Graham       26-Aug-2011/22:41:57-7:00

OK, I'll look at the license soon.

posted by:   Henrik       27-Aug-2011/3:08:20-7:00

Thank you Henrik :)

posted by:   Nick       29-Aug-2011/11:04:27-7:00