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cheyenne + scheduler help!

Need some help on building a small app with cheyenne + scheduler.
I want to download several data files from google/yahoo finance - some of these need downloading every minute, and others once a day. During market hours, i would be downloading 50 or so ticker symbol quotes off these sites and updating rebol objects on the file system. At day-end, the historical data file for each ticker is expected to be downloaded and update the corresponding ticker/company objects.
I have read the documentation for uniserve and scheduler, and i believe both are included in the cheyenne sources, but have no experience using any of these libs.
Can someone help? Will provide more details on the app if needed.

posted by:   ecollage     11-May-2011/6:13:07-7:00

Stupid question. The answer is in the documentation.
For anyone interested, see http://cheyenne-server.org/wiki/Config/Jobs
Thanks DocKimbel for such a fantastic package.

posted by:   ecollage     16-May-2011/0:04:06-7:00

Glad you like it. :-)

posted by:   DocKimbel     3-Jul-2011/5:46:58-7:00