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how to use iconv to covert gb2312 charset to utf-8 under windows, it's better to show a simple demo.

posted by:   limux       9-Jun-2011/11:42:48-7:00

my idea is to wrap the iconv.dll with myself dll interface names rebiconv.dll.
it has only one function to convert charset with nessary parameters. because of iconv.dll's function is not handy to be called in rebol.
What do you thank of it?

posted by:   limux       9-Jun-2011/11:50:20-7:00

I don't know about iconv.dll but if you need help about how to call windows dll functions from a rebol script check this script: http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?color=yes&script=ping32.r

posted by:   Endo       10-Jun-2011/17:56:55-7:00