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very strange phenomenon about cheyenne and rebcmd

I always want to use odbc to access the sqlserver. and the cheyenne also said that it can do it. but I don't know why I never use odbc to access the mssql because of the invalid port spec even in the lastest cheyenne-r0920-cmd.exe.
So I use rebcmd to run the cheyenne.r, what a pity! I meet the exactly same issue "** Access Error: Invalid port spec: odbc://sa:rxmx1199@hrp275!
Oh My God, Wait, Please wait and see here: After a hit the Esc key to stop the cheyenne.r, and type the that line, ...., Perhaps only to me the strange phenomenon is that code line to ok.
Friendly Guys, HELP ME.

posted by:   limux       5-Jun-2011/3:01:11-7:00

I just typed that code line into the rebcmd.exe same as I first start the cheyenne.r

posted by:   limux       5-Jun-2011/3:04:54-7:00


posted by:   limux       5-Jun-2011/3:11:54-7:00

Most probably it is about the Rebol version.

posted by:   Endo       6-Jun-2011/14:11:20-7:00