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Run Rebol page

We would like rebol page in RHEL and Windows platform without installing rebol. Kinldy guide

posted by:   Lawrence       22-May-2010/11:07:52-7:00

I'm not sure I understand what's meant by "rebol page"? If you want to run REBOL scripts without installing REBOL, you can simply type the file name of the REBOL interpreter, followed by the filename of the script that you want to run, (on the OS command line ). You can also drag and drop the script file icon onto REBOL interpreter icon in your file manager.

posted by:   Nick       22-May-2010/11:19:19-7:00

The command line usage is:
     REBOL (options) (script) (arguments)
All fields are optional. Supported options are:
     --cgi (-c)     Check for CGI input
     --do expr        Evaluate expression
     --link url     Connect to Link
     --help (-?)     Display this usage information
     --nowindow (-w) Do not open a window
     --noinstall (-i) Do not install (Link, View)
     --quiet (-q)     Don't print banners
     --reinstall (+i) Force an install (Link, View)
     --script file    Explicitly specify script
     --secure level Set security: allow ask throw quit
     --trace (-t)     Enable trace mode
     --uninstall (-u) Uninstall REBOL (Link, View)
     --version tuple Minimum version of script, when URL (View)
     --noviewtop (-v) Do not start viewtop (view desktop)
Special command line options:
     +q             Force not quiet (Link, View)
     -s             No security
     +s             Full security
     -- args         Provide args without a script
     REBOL script.r
     REBOL -s script.r
     REBOL script.r 10:30 test@domain.dom
     REBOL --do "verbose: true" script.r
     REBOL -cswq
     REBOL --cgi --secure throw --script cgi.r "debug: true"
     REBOL --version 1.2.3 http://www.rebol.net/test.r ; view only

posted by:   Nick       22-May-2010/11:35:50-7:00

For just a console, use:
rebview -vis
You can also edit ~/.rebol/view/desktop/prefs.r, "desktop: true/false" to avoid the desktop opening.

posted by:   Nick       26-May-2010/5:28:41-7:00