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Spent this afternoon looking and trying to get the drop-down to show more than 1 value.    
Here's what I ended with
view center-face layout [
     text " Choose Month"
     p-month: drop-down data [ "Jan" "Feb" " Mar" ]
When executed, the only value in the drop down list is Jan.
What did I do wrong?

posted by:   Steve Oldner     21-May-2010/16:10:58-7:00

The drop-down works only inside the view window and will be covered by the edge of the window.
Try this:
view center-face layout/size [
     text " Choose Month"
     p-month: drop-down data [ "Jan" "Feb" " Mar" ]
] 300x300

posted by:   Henrik     21-May-2010/17:08:01-7:00

Your window is very small. Try this
view center-face layout [
     size 300x300
     text " Choose Month"
     p-month: drop-down data [ "Jan" "Feb" " Mar"]
it is because rebol styles are drawn into window. real (OS) combo boxes are separate windows.

posted by:   Endo     21-May-2010/17:09:46-7:00

Oops! I didn't see Henrik's reply. There was no reply when I wrote actually. Sorry.

posted by:   Endo     21-May-2010/17:12:19-7:00

Henrik and Endo, thanks to both of you!! What attracted me to REBOL is the first place was how easy it looked to create the screens. Much simpler that Python, and REBOL has more power that Javascript.

posted by:   Steve Oldner     24-May-2010/7:20:44-7:00

Steve, be sure to check out RebGUI. It's important to understand VID and View because they're built in, but RebGUI provides a lot of practical and expected modern features, with a bit more mainstream look and feel. It's very easy to learn and use once you've got the feel for VID.

posted by:   Nick     24-May-2010/10:22:52-7:00

rebgui did not have a modern look when i looked at it. I downloaded the rebgui tour and it was 2 dimensional.
just like old dos gui. has there been a change in rebgui's look ?

posted by:   yuem     24-May-2010/15:15:39-7:00

It's not 3D, glossy, or transparent, etc., but for my needs, I like the way it looks, and there are some important widgets/features that are missing from default VID (table widget, undo/redo text fields, etc.), and it operates more along the lines of typical GUI expectations. It's worth getting to know :)

posted by:   Nick     24-May-2010/16:27:30-7:00