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REBOL for web development

I know REBOL can be used for CGI, but can it be used as a replacement for javascript?
I know there's a REBOL plugin for browsers but I'm not sure whether I will still need to learn javascript to implement certain feature on my site.

posted by:   Mike     31-Mar-2011/7:20:13-7:00

The plugin only works on very old browsers, so it's not really an option. Browser scripting was once meant to be able to use all languages, but in practice, browsers only support JavaScript. So to program anything on the client side in a browser, you need JavaScript. The real alternative is to get people to install REBOL.

posted by:   Kaj     31-Mar-2011/11:00:40-7:00

I've used the plugin occasionally in IE, as a quick way to distribute throw away scripts. Downloading and installing REBOL, though, is so quick, it's hardly worth messing with the plugin. Provide a download link to REBOL and your script, the user installs and clicks the script icon - it takes less than a minute.

posted by:   Nick     4-Apr-2011/1:17:26-7:00

Problem is, the REBOL installer has been broken for many years in multiple ways in multiple versions, and users are allergic to installation these days, so this is a bad combination.

posted by:   Kaj     4-Apr-2011/8:12:38-7:00

An R2 plugin that works smoothly across platforms and browsers is one way that REBOL could gain market share. That won't happen while RT is working on R3, but open sourcing R2 could make it possible :)

posted by:   Nick     4-Apr-2011/10:30:26-7:00

The reason that the plugin development stopped, was because R2 does not have a strong enough security model to work in such an environment.
This is one of the reasons R3 development started.

posted by:   Henrik     5-Apr-2011/14:40:32-7:00