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Can't access archived messages

I'm trying to locate a thread titled (Ubuntu) but can't seem to get to some of the archived messages...

posted by:   Jules       11-Mar-2011/4:50:48-8:00

Nick posted some code which lets you change the default font in View. I've recently upgraded my computer and have lost the code, and am pretty sure it was posted in that thread.

posted by:   Jules       11-Mar-2011/4:54:10-8:00

I'll look at that today. For the moment, you can use the offline viewer: do http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=downloadreader

posted by:   Nick       11-Mar-2011/8:20:34-8:00

Ok, I did a quick fix - full archive should be viewable online. Search also works for the archive. The topic you're looking for is "Ubuntu".

posted by:   Nick       11-Mar-2011/9:02:51-8:00

Thank you Nick. :-)

posted by:   Jules       11-Mar-2011/12:07:20-8:00