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Cheyenne WebApp

Is it possible to set up a webapp outside of Cheyenne's %www folder?
Say i have three webapps - app1, app2 and app3 - is it possible to run all three via different virtual hosts from the same instance of Cheyenne?

posted by:   ecollage     25-Feb-2011/0:45:58-8:00

Yes, in httpd.cfg file you can set different folder for each webapp:
     webapp [
         virtual-root "/app1"
         root-dir %www/app1/
         auth "/7dx/login.rsp"
     webapp [
         virtual-root "/app2"
         root-dir %/c/app2/
         auth "/app2/login.rsp"

posted by:   Endo     25-Feb-2011/3:31:39-8:00

Oops, small mistake:
in the first webapp config, third line should be:
     auth "/app1/login.rsp"

posted by:   Endo     25-Feb-2011/3:33:15-8:00

Just wanted to mention that Cheyenne has new docs covering RSP scripting and Webapps (among other topics). Have a look at:

posted by:   DocKimbel     10-Mar-2011/12:52:16-8:00

Doc: That is great! Thanks!

posted by:   Endo     11-Mar-2011/3:35:27-8:00

Very helpful additions :)

posted by:   Nick     11-Mar-2011/8:19:23-8:00